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While You're Waiting... Get a Head Start with Star VIP!

Join Star VIP

Join the Star VIP elite, unlocking a world of enchanting narratives and exclusive adventures. With instant access to the complete map, you can dive into endless exploration and mastery. Create your own horse club to team up with your friends. Receive additional gems every day so you can purchase exclusive items and specialist tack for your horse. Star VIP is more than an upgrade; it's an entrance to a land of endless discovery and possibilities.

Instantly Unlock the FULL

Star Equestrian Map

Embark on a voyage of discovery in the vast world of Star Equestrian. Star VIP gives you instant access to the entire Star Equestrian map. Traverse uncharted lands, uncover secret locations, and encounter unique experiences. As a VIP, every ride is an adventure, every turn a new discovery. Join Star VIP today!

VIP Exclusive Foals Quests

Exclusive to Star VIP members, the 'Foal's First Steps' questline offers a unique journey into the world of horse breeding. You'll start by applying to assist Athena, a legendary breeder, and along the way, discover a lost foal that changes everything. Help Athena complete her mission. This VIP-only storyline is a rich tapestry of challenges and heartwarming moments, crafted for the true equestrian enthusiast.

Purchase Gems and Gold to buy Items